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Copper Pipes

Copper pipes can be manufactured in different dimensions and shapes as per customer requirement. We will guarantee a minimum purity of 99% but usually it may be up to 99.70%

Outer diameter: Minimum 15.00 mm to Maximum 100.00 mm
Shape: Any shape as per client’s specifications
Lengths: 1 meter & above

Copper Rods

Copper Rods are available in different shapes and dimensions as per the requirements of clients. Available in Squares, Rounds, Hexagons, and Flats as well as in other custom made shapes.

Outer diameter: 10mm to 100mm
Lengths: 1 meter & above.
Rods: 10mm & above


Copper Profiles

Available sizes and shapes: Any sections and profiles as per customer requirement can be tailor made. “L”, “T”, “C” and many more sections can be made as far as the wall thickness more than 8mm. Dimension should be between 8mm – 100mm.

Copper Flats

Copper Flats are available in a wide range of finishes as per the specific end application demands. These copper flats are fabricated using copper purity of up to 99.7 % in compliance with defined industry standards.

Available Sizes: Width: 12mm to 100mm
Available Thickness: 6mm to 100mm
Available Edge: Square
Available Length: As per customer Requirement



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